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The Landrich has been redesigned into the “Landrich 2.0” while improving on the core design principles that have made this purpose-built track harvester in a class of its own. The Landrich 2.0 has been optimized for the cut-to-length method of mechanized logging, with state-of-the-art engineering and design methods. A Landrich’s purpose is to cut and process trees in the most efficient manner possible. Every design decision revolved around maximizing efficiency and reducing fuel consumption while operating in a Canadian forest of mixed tree species, rugged terrain, and extreme seasonal changes with heavy snowfalls.

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The operator and their comfort are at the center of the design process. The Landrich 2.0 spacious cab has been improved with even more space and comfort features. Integrated exterior toolbox, upgraded air conditioning, and a 20% increase in cabin space are just some of the features that the design team integrated from customer feedback. The redesigned cab has increased visibility, giving the operator a 180-degree panoramic view and seeing the left and right tracks from the operator’s seat.

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The hydraulics have been optimized for a smooth boom and swing movement, and with custom software for full machine diagnostics, you are in complete control of the Landrich 2.0. Boasting a large 750L fuel tank and ultra-low-DEF consumption, the Landrich 2.0 can operate independently for up to 3 shifts depending on the application, without refuelling. The Landrich synergistic relationship between the harvesting head and machine creates incredible fuel efficiency; in essence, they are one machine operating together rather than a machine and attachment working independently.

A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd. Manufacturer of the Landrich Track Harvester

THE LANDRICH FABRICATION FACILITY was founded in Northern New Brunswick in 1997 by the Landry family. The primary purpose of this new organization was to design and manufacture forestry conversion kits for excavators and other custom applications.

The dream to produce a track harvester that was purpose-built for the unique needs of forestry professionals began in 2004. With the addition of an R&D department in 2005 and after four years of R&D, a Landrich prototype was released in 2008.

This young company quickly established itself as an innovator in the forestry industry by conceptualizing, designing and producing the first purpose-built track harvester. The LANDRICH harvester has been in production since 2010 and is revolutionizing the forestry industry by setting new standards in efficiency and performance.

Fast forward ten years with the launch of the newly designed Landrich 2.0 in 2020, which has been received with great success, and the production line and sales have been in full swing all year at the production facility in Balmoral, N.B.

The Landrich 2.0 track harvester has been newly designed to meet current environmental regulations while keeping incredible fuel efficiency, power, and operator comfort that capitalizes on the Ponsse cut-to-length opti and harvesting head technology. The newly designed cabin offers even more space and comfort for the operator that is unmatched in other harvesters, increasing productivity and reducing operator fatigue.

The Landrich 2.0 is a dream into reality success story for a family-owned and operated company from New Brunswick. For more information on the Landrich 2.0, contact A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd., your authorized dealer in Atlantic Canada and Eastern Quebec.

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