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The story of A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd. begins with Armand Landry and the values he has instilled into the company. As a young man, Armand Landry worked as a farmer in Northern New Brunswick, eventually becoming an entrepreneur in 1966 as a truck driver in the forest industry. In 1976, he founded A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd. to meet the growing demand for parts and services to support the forest industry, starting the business from his family home.

In those early years, Armand Landry understood the importance that parts and service played in the lives of heavy equipment owners. During his days as a logging truck driver, if his machine was down, he could not earn. Because of those experiences getting a machine back up and running as fast as possible became a defining mission for A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd., which continues today over 46 years later.

A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd. understands that a customer’s machinery is more than a piece of metal, it is their livelihood, and its performance can make or break a company. This is why A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd. considers each customer a partner. Our customer’s success is A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd.’s success.

A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd. has achieved many milestones in its 46-year history and continues to find new ways to serve its customers. From its humble beginnings in the basement of the family home A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd. has grown to over 130 employees with its head office in Balmoral, New Brunswick, and now operates five branches, four in New Brunswick and one in Nova Scotia. (Balmoral, Fredericton, Edmundston, Moncton) New Brunswick, and (Truro) Nova Scotia, with a new 63,000 sq ft Landrich track harvester manufacturing and fabrication facility in Eel River Crossing, N.B.

The products and services offered at A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd. continue to grow and expand. A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd. offers world-class industry-leading equipment (Ponsse, Landrich, Hyundai Construction, JCB Construction, Rotobec, Fuchs) and backs that equipment with world-class service.

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Armand Landry starts A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd. selling equipment parts and operating from the family home in Balmoral, N.B.

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The first branch location in Balmoral, N.B.

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The second branch location in Fredericton, N.B.

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A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd. begins distributing Hyundai Construction Equipment

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The third branch location in Edmundston, N.B.

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A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd. opens a fabrication division AL Fabrication

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A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd. begins distributing Ponsse Forestry Equipment

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The fourth branch location in Truro, N.S.

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A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd. begins distributing Terex Fuchs material handlers

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A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd. begins manufacturing their own track harvester the Landrich.

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AL Fabrication undergoes an expansion adding new space and machinery

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Truro, N.S. branch location expands and moves to a new building.

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Edmundston, N.B. location expands and moves to a new building

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A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd. begins distributing JCB Construction Equipment

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The Landrich track harvester is redesigned to meet emission standards and the Landrich 2.0 is launched.

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A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd. opens a 5th location in Moncton, N.B.

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A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd. expands its Landrich manufacturing facility into a 63, 000 sq ft building.